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Im trying to make an extension which will openly list all bookmarks (that are in bookmarks bar) next to address.

I know there is a lot of extensions which will add bookmark button that will list them too when being clicked on but thats not quite what im after, I would like to have a button for each website in bookmarks bar (if I have 10 bookmarks, exactly 10 buttons would appear next to address bar, and each one should use the icon of corresponding bookmark).

My first idea was to make extension which will add single button for opening a website (my first bookmark : google.com), then make second extension for second website and so on, up to 10 extensions. Sounds a bit tedious and impractical if you ask me, this is my second idea :

Extension retrieves the amount of bookmarks, creates equal amount of buttons and then assigns each button to coresponding bookmark + with its icon (and remembers the order of them)

I was unable to find an extension that could achieve this, is it even doable ? Could anyone help me ? Thanks.

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Welcome to SO! Now that you have explained what you are after, can you show us what you have already tried? –  Brian Oct 14 '13 at 23:00
So far I have functional button that opens predefined website, but I dont feel like making 10 of these. –  user72270 Oct 15 '13 at 8:19

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