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I have a very basic script that starts with saving part of input argument to a varialbe:

dirN= basename $1
echo $dirN

$dirN was displayed as expected then I try to cat a string with $dirN


when I echo $tmp, it only displays /some/path/

I tried overwriting tmp


and echo $tmp, it shows nothing.
it's like $dirN was never stored, but it was echoed from line 2 I am very confused, so was my colleague.

Any hint?

Thank you all!

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dirN= basename $1 does not assign anything to dirN. Rather, it executes basename with dirN set to the null string in its environment. – William Pursell Oct 15 '13 at 2:53

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I believe you want

dirN=`basename $1`

to actually store the value returned instead of

dirN= basename $1

The "echo $dirN" is not showing anything in your version, it's the previous line that shows the output you attribute to the echo.

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