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I'm Brazilian and I'm not very good English, I apologize.

I have a problem: before replication when replicating tables I wanted to set some rules for some columns not to be replicated, or be replicated with a default value.

id | descrisaoProduto | estoque 
1  | abcd             | 10

on replication

id | descrisaoProduto        | estoque
1  | (null or value default) | 10**

And find out if there is any way that when it is replicated, it convert a table to another.

id | estoqueLocal | estoqueMatriz
1  | 10           | 0

on replication


id | estoqueLocal | estoqueMatriz
1  | 0            | 10
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Probably the simplest way to accomplish this would be to create a view representing the data you wish the subscriber to see, and then replicate that view instead of the underlying source table. Views can be replicated as easily as tables.

In your scenario, you would want to replicate an indexed view as a table on the subscriber side. In this way, you would not need to replicate the underlying table. From the article above:

For indexed views, transactional replication also allows you to replicate the indexed view as a table rather than a view, eliminating the need to also replicate the base table. To do this, specify one of the "indexed view logbased" options for the @type parameter of sp_addarticle (Transact-SQL).

Here's an article demonstrating how to set up replication of an indexed view with transactional replication.

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