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I have been a developer for 10+ years and so far my IIS knowledge is just enough for deploying stuff on it and get it running. Recently I have been playing with IIS 6 and realize the huge difference on the worker process model. I think I would need some good guide to update my knowledge in this area. Any good article/book recommendation?

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IIS Tuner is an open source tool for tuning IIS 6, 7 and 7.5

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There are several online resources, starting with this one:

Performance Tuning (IIS 6.0)

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www.iis.net - central place for everything related to IIS..

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I recently came across this which I thought was very good: Best practices for creating websites in IIS 6.0

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agree this is a good one. I read that already before this Q comes out, just want to see if there is something extensive. – goodwill Oct 11 '08 at 8:06

David Wang has some great articles on the inner workings of IIS6. For various reasons his blog was split over two sites:



And...Tess who is a MS escalation engineer has some amazing articles on debugging and diagnosing badly behaved/perfoming apps:


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Tess's blog is amazing. – Mitch Wheat Oct 11 '08 at 6:49

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