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So I asked a question earlier that was closed because it wasn't specific enough. I am working on a small open source project that I am going to use on my blog for learning/discussion.

Heres my question for fellow stackoverflowers..

Where do you go on the internet to post projects or find people to review your code?

My blog is at softwaregonewrong.blogspot.com if you want to take a look at my code. There is a link there to the google code page.

Thanks a ton,


EDITED: The code is in trunk. Source tab at the top -> Then browse.

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You need a/the:

  • QA department,
  • fellow developer, or
  • Open Source community (or StackOverflow for that matter)

Your code must be better in Open Source as you must convince people that it's worth their time, else you need money (like No Refunds No Returns mentioned) for a Quality Assurance (QA) dept (could be some 14 year old kid that tries to break your app, doesn't have to be fancy).

If you're using Agile / Scrum you should have a QA section that you assign your task to the pool to be QA'd before released, :>

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Not quite what you were asking, but I recommend using Rietveld as a code review tool. It was created by Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python.

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You hire them. Then you pay them. If you get something for nothing, what is its value?

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open source would disagree with the monetary argument, but economics would agree that there's no such thing as a free QA dept. –  Dan Beam Jan 4 '10 at 20:36

You can always use Stackoverflow if you want to somebody to review a specific function/method, specially if you are looking for a better way to implement it.

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