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I am writing an HTML page where the geographical coordinates (longitude+latitude) of several places are listed:

  • Amagermuseet (latitude=55.6008968 longitude=12.6360609)
  • Flakfortet (latitude=55.7035835 longitude=12.7317048)

How can I somehow embed a link or something, so that Android users can open the geographical location in their favorite Map/GPS app as easily as possible?

If there were a generic way to launch an intent from a web page that would be acceptable as well, but I guess that's not possible. If the solution could work on non-Android devices as well, that would be even better, but for now Android-only is fine.

The Geotagging microformat does not work in my tests on Android 4 with Firefox and the stock browser. The ICBM method is not usable because it specifies coordinates for the whole page, can't specify several places in a single page.

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