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So we are having a great time using a couple of Google+ communities to co-ordinate pair programming events with programmers and students from all around the world:

However I'd really like to start analyzing the pair programming events, and so want to grab information about the events via the read-only Google API. I see that there is a mechanism for doing this:

Is there an API for the Google Plus Events

However I am at a loss for how to work out what the activity id is from the event id, or how to request all the events associated with a community. For example we have this event:

and if I knew the activity id for it I could use something like this:

to grab info about the event. However the event id in the URL is different from the activity id, or at least nothing is returned. Perhaps because it is a private event? That said I can't grab info on public "on air" events either.

What I've managed so far is to be able to search for public events in my own activity stream. From there I can get to an activity id for a public hangout I stared:


which gives me some useful information on that event, but what I'm really after is to get the info on all the events associated with our communities so that we can analyze them and better support them.

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Currently, there is no support for retrieving posts from a Google+ community with an API. For a period of time, some people were using the activities methods in the v1 API to retrieve posts but this was never supported and eventually stopped working.

This issue is already posted in the Google+ platform issue tracker if you want to follow it.

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Thanks for the link to this. It's such a drag that this isn't available for communities. – Moby's Stunt Double Feb 17 '14 at 20:14
Brett, do you know if there has there been any progress on this? – Saqib Ali Feb 23 '15 at 23:10

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