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I read the tutorials to make a mimalistic custom kernel from here and am able to boot it up as explained in the tutorial over a virtual machine using GRUB as the boot loader.

I think it would be more fun if I could do the same over bare hardware using a bootable pendrive.

Q1. I thought of using the normal procedure of making a bootable linux pendrive, but my kernel isnt really an iso image, its an elf format executable. Will the normal method work if I somehow convert it to iso format ?

Q2. Any other ideas / link to some resource how I should proceed ?

P.S. : Its absolutely minimal kernel. Just boots up, prints something on console and can handle keyboard events, thats it.

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You can't really "convert" a linux kernel to iso format, it needs a boot loader to do all the booting.

If using GRUB is not a requirement, using SYSLINUX (for booting from VFAT) or its sibling ISOLINUX (for booting from isos) are likely a lot easier:

From my impression that's what most distributions use for their installer images.

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