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can anybody help in adding an scolor i would be happy if u help me in doing

menu.addNewSibling(null, "jan", "JAN");    //these jan to dec are button in menu bar
menu.addNewSibling("jan", "feb", "FEB");   //when it is clicked it must show in another 
menu.addNewSibling("feb", "mar", "MAR");   //color 
menu.addNewSibling("mar", "apr", "APR");
menu.addNewSibling("apr", "may", "MAY");
menu.addNewSibling("may", "jun", "JUN");
menu.addNewSibling("jun", "jul", "JUL");
menu.addNewSibling("jul", "aug", "AUG");
menu.addNewSibling("aug", "sep", "SEP");
menu.addNewSibling("sep", "oct", "OCT");
menu.addNewSibling("oct", "nov", "NOV");
menu.addNewSibling("nov", "dec", "DEC", false);
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Try the next (not public) approach:

menu.attachEvent("onClick", function(id, zoneId, casState){
            menu.idPull[menu.idPrefix+id].style.backgroundColor = '#FFC000';
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