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I run two sites on the same webhost (why not take advantage of unlim. bandwidth and relatively large storage?). The problem I am having is that sessions from one site are leaking onto the other.

$_SESSION["username"] = $somevar;

On Site A, if I echo that session variable, it will give the correct output as expected, but on Site B it does the same thing.

How do I make sessions distinct from another without altering a lot of my code? I know session_name() exists, but this requires me to change all of my $_SESSION initializations to correspond to the given session name. Surely there's an alternative that does not require this?

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You can set the session save path for your applications to a different location.

In your ini

session.save_path /secure/session/path

Or in the application itself


(Don't set the path to anything inside the site's document root)

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