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I am using Kohana 3.3 and would like to validate user input in my Controller but it returns the following error:

ErrorException [ Warning ]: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, second array member is not a valid method

Here's my Controller:

$this->template->user =Auth::instance()->get_user();

                $courseModel = Model::factory('courses');

                $object = Validation::factory($this->request->post());
                // $object->bind(':model', $courseModel);
                    ->rule('code', 'not_empty')
                    ->rule('code', 'Model_Courses::unique_code')
                    ->rule('code', array('max_length', array(':value', 32)))
                    ->rule('description', 'not_empty');

                if($object->check()) { //this is where the error triggers
                    $user = ORM::factory('courses', $this->request->param('id'))
                        ->values($_POST, array(

                    $query = DB::update('courses')
                            'code' => $_POST['code'], 
                            'description' => $_POST['description'],
                        ->where('id', '=', $this->request->param('id'));

                    $result = $query->execute();

                    // Reset values so form is not sticky
                    $_POST = array();

                    $courses = ORM::factory('courses')
                    $json = array();

                    foreach ($courses as $course) {
                        if($course->id != 1) $json[] = $course->as_array();
                    $data = json_encode($json);

                    // Display users table
                    $courseView = View::factory('courses/list');
                    $courseView->bind('content', $data);

                    $this->template->content = $courseView;

My Model_Courses code is the following:

class Model_Courses extends ORM {
protected $_table_name = 'courses';
protected $_primary_key = 'id';

public function rules() {
    return array(
        'code' => array(
            array('max_length', array(':value', 32)),
            array(array($this, 'unique'), array(':field', ':value')),
        'description' => array(

public static function unique_code($code)
    return ! DB::select(array(DB::expr('COUNT(code)'), 'total'))
        ->where('code', '=', $code)


What am I missing? I followed the documentation here:

Please help!

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The error already gives you the solution.

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, second array member is not a valid method

  • call_user_func_array() is a function that calls a user function (who thought). The only time this happens in your code is in the rules,

    array(array($this, 'unique'), array(':field', ':value')),

    Here you want to call a user function via name as string.

  • Now it says the first parameter is expected to be a valid callback. The keyword exptected tells you, that in your code this is not the case.
  • And for the last part, is not a valid method is exactly what is causing the problem.

Your methods header is

public static function unique_code($code)

So the name is not unique but unique_code

array(array($this, 'unique'), array(':field', ':value')), // fails
array(array($this, 'unique_code'), array(':field', ':value')), // should work
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