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In Visual Studio (2008) is it possible to force the Post-Build Event for a C++ project to run even if the project is up-to-date?

Specifically, I have a project which builds a COM in-process server DLL. The project has a post-build step which runs "regsvr32.exe $(TargetPath)". This runs fine on a "Rebuild", but runs on a "Build" only if changes have been made to the project's source.

If I do a "Build" without making any changes, Visual Studio simply reports that the project is up-to-date and does nothing - the Post-Build Event is not run. Is there any way that I can force the Event to run in this situation? This is necessary since although the DLL itself is up-to-date, the registration information may not be.

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You can use the Custom Build Step property page to set up a batch file to run. This runs if the File specified in the Outputs setting is not found, or is out-of-date. Simply specify some non-existent file there, and the custom build step will always run. It will run even if your project is up-to-date, since the Output file is never found.

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I don't see any Outputs setting for a Custom Build Step. Where do you find the Outputs –  bpeikes Aug 8 '12 at 14:30
I used this general concept to use Exec in an AfterBuild target to delete the output files, like so <Exec Command="del &quot;$(outputpath)$(assemblyname).*&quot;"></Exec> –  David Brunow Feb 5 '14 at 18:51

The registration information is determined largely by what's in the .rgs file. If that file changes the project will get built. I am not sure how else COM registration can change without making the project dirty. Do you mind providing more details about your particular situation?

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By "the COM registration information may not be up-to-date", I mean the information in the registry may have changed, not that in the .rgs file. I'd like the post-build step to restore the information in the registry to what it should be according to the .rgs. –  Paul Baker Dec 21 '09 at 1:20

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