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I try to configure msdeploy configuration between two WS2008 R2 servers. I don't have any domain controller

I Installed MSDeploy 3.5 using Web PI on both servers.

I created a user on both servers, and added them to the "Administrators" group I use this user for syncrhonization :

"C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy V3\msdeploy" -verb:sync -source:webServer -dest:auto,computername=x.x.x;X,username=%USERNAME%,password=%PASSWORD% -skip:objectName=contentPath,absolutePath="\\temp"


I went to

I created the group, added my user to it, stil the samme error.

I saw that MSDeploy created users WDeployAdmin and WDeployConfigWriter, I also tried with those.

I launch my synchronization script with elevated privileges.

Any clue ?

Thanks !

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I solved it by adding the following registry key :

It solved my administrative share problem as well as my WSDeploy problem.

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