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I have followed this link ChromeApp for my chromeApp

I want to detect that Is my HTML page rendering on ChromeApp?

//do this
//do this
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where is the link ? –  Raptor Oct 15 '13 at 9:31
sorry I have just update link, My basic requirement is to Manage my alert code.I am using <webview> to call my page. –  Jay Oct 15 '13 at 9:36

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To answer the general question: Outside of the webview you can detect if you are rendering in a Chrome App by:

  if (chrome && chrome.app && chrome.app.runtime)
    // chrome app.
    // open web.

(Taken from gapi-chrome-apps.js)

To answer the intent of the question, "How can detect and not show alert messages for content in a webview", you may wish to change the user agent and use that to detect. See this test code for more. Here's the idea, though:

webview.setUserAgentOverride(webview.getUserAgent() + ' in a webview');

Also, you can support alert dialogs with the change 19679002: : Implement dialog API (not quite in Chrome stable I think). The following should illustrate:

From the host:

webview.addEventListener('dialog', function(e) {
    // Check e.messageType, e.g. it may be 'alert'.
    // Use e.messageText
    // Unblock the guest content wity e.dialog.ok();
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