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I get an Exception at lvi.Bounds But I don't know what i can check to stop it. It seems to only happen when I am displaying the control and call this method on my Resize event, or sizeChanged, or after I have created everything, but before my code returns to Windows.

private List<uint> GetIndexes(ListView vv)
        List<uint> ret = new List<uint>();
        foreach (ListViewItem lvi in vv.Items)
            uint uiKey = ((uint)lvi.Tag);
            if (!requestedImgs.Contains(uiKey) && lvi.Bounds.IntersectsWith(vv.ClientRectangle) && DctImages.Contains(uiKey))
        return ret;
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The reason i have found for this is that I was calling

itemPanel1.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending;

after I had added the items, and calling


before I then went through all my items and checked the bounds, which caused the exception above.

So i don't understand it, but have found a fix.

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