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I'm actually having an issue with Symfony and my database password. The password contains several special characters such as for example : 65RfK_&$+4

Reading the doc, they said that we actually need to escape those special characters such as :

php symfony generate:app --csrf-secret=Unique\$ecret backend

However, I tried to apply this on my password but it's still not working :


The cached file generate a password such as :


Since I can't change the password, I need to find a way to make it works. Any ideas?


It seems that the problem comes from the + symbol. However, trying to escape it does not work :


Poblem solved
I finally solved my problem. I contacted the administrator and ask for a new password without the + sign. It works well now. However, I'm still curious about how to escape it from a YAML file. If anyone has an answer, I will be more than glad to see it :)

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Where is your database password? In the app/config/parameters.yml, right? Did you try to add simple or double quotes before and after your password?

For example:

# This file is auto-generated during the composer install
    database_driver: pdo_mysql
    database_password: "65RfK_&$+4"
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Hi, my password is located in config/database.yml for that application. I tried to use double and single quote but it still not working. On my local machine, I tried to do the same and that's how I found out that the + sign was the cause of the problem. Without it, it works well – El - Key Oct 15 '13 at 20:44

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