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I have created one application where on button click i am opening phone gallery and selecting an image and displaying it on the next activity. i have done with this.

Now on the second activity with gallery image i am giving one more image which i can move and set it on the gallery image like i will set on eyes of the image which i have loaded from gallery. This is also completed.

Now what i want to do is when i press OK button on second activity, third activity should come, and on third activity i wanted to load that second activity image which is loaded from gallery but the image which i have given on eyes should replace with other image which i want to specify but the position of the image would remain same.

For the reference use this link http://share.pho.to/3wZLv.

I am loading one image from gallery and other image i have given manually in XML file. Now i am setting 2 image on eye's and one on lips now when user press OK button this activity should move to next activity.

On next activity i want to display same image but the eyes and lips images should replace with other image but the position remains same.

If any one have any idea then please help me. I have done till second activity now i don't know how to code for third activity. If anyone have sample code or any idea then please help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance...

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