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The Software components

  • Win 2003 (Hopefully not for much longer)
  • ISAPI rewrite v2.x (http://www.isapirewrite.com/)
  • IIS 6.0 (with ISAPI rewrite added to it's list of ISAPI filters)
  • Apache (2.2)

The configuration

  • Apache is running on port 8080
  • IIS has a site configured to recognise www.mysite.com
  • The hosts file redirects www.mysite.com to
  • A httpd.ini file is placed in the root of my site and is configured with the following string

    RewriteProxy (/google) http\://google.com/ [I,U]

The Process

Witness a 404 (Correct as there is no redirect in place)

  • Replace the removed entry and save.
  • Hit F5 (refresh) in browser

Witness a redirect to google homepage. (Note: URL still shows http://www.mysite.com/google)

Again this is correct so far.

  • Hit F5 once more (Note: No other changes.)

Witness a failure: "The requested resource could not be found."

Successive repetitions of :

  • Remove entry
  • Refresh Browser
  • Witness IIS 404 failure
  • Replace Entry
  • Refresh Browser
  • Witness Success

Work great, but need to be repeated for every resource each time the resource is addressed.

Clearly this is not acceptable.

Can anyone shed light on why this might be happening and how I can introduce some consistency?

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Have you solved this problem? –  rcdmk Jun 6 at 17:05

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