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How i can solve the problem of duplicated modules that each modules need? I have 3 modules that in their own "node_modules" have the request module, and each in diferent version.

Maybe using npm install -g, npm download only one.

But if I use this, the same for all, maybe make problems with correct use of version, or not.

NPM solve this? Make diferents folders of versions in global folder of node_modules?? Thanks.

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Why does it matter? The vast majority of packages are pretty small so shouldn't cause any problems with size. – James Allardice Oct 15 '13 at 11:15
I can think of lots of ways of do it dirty or messy or manual, but I'm curious of read a proper answer :D. Though I can't see to be worth the effort. – durum Oct 15 '13 at 11:20

npm has an experimental(!) feature for that:

npm dedupe

(see npm help dedupe for an explanation)

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That's exactly how NPM was designed.

The idea behind this is that each module is self contained, what means that they should not depend on higher dependencies, everything it needs is inside its directory.
Imagine the following scenario:

  • A depends on B, version range 1.3.x
  • C depends on B, minimum version 2.1.0

If NPM wasn't designed the way it was, handling such situation wouldn't be an easy task.

Also, you can't require() global modules.

However, you can try to reduce duplication of modules by using the npm dedupe command - it will try to simplify the complex tree of modules for you.

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