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I have a form that looks like this

        <form id="form-send">
            <table class="form-table">
                        <td width="30%">First Name <span class="required">*</span></td>
                        <td width="70%">
                            <input type="text" id="first-name" value="" />
                            <div id="first-name-error-msg" class="error-box"></div>
                        <td>Last Name<span class="required">*</span></td>
                            <input type="text" id="last-name" value="" />
                            <div id="last-name-error-msg" class="error-box"></div>
                        <td><input type="text" value="" /></td>
                        <td><button type="submit">Send</button></td>
                        <td><button type="reset">Reset</button></td>

The script I use to validate the form inputs looks like this

        $(document).ready(function($) {
            $('#form-send').submit(function (){
                var error = 0;
                var name = $('#first-name').val();
                if (name == '') {
                    error = 1;
                    $('#first-name-error-msg').html(" - First name is required");
                var name = $('#last-name').val();
                if (name == '') {
                    error = 1;
                    $('#last-name-error-msg').html(" - Last name is required");
    if (error) {
        return false;
    } else {
        return alert("Email sent");

If I press the submit button without filling the fields the error messages are displayed. What I am trying to do is: after the display of the error messages when the user starts to type again into the input field, the error message, the div that contains the message, should disappear. I have tried something like this

$('.error').keyup(function() {

but it won't work, can someone give me some hints on what am I doing wrong or what other method should I use ?

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Use on() for dynamically attached classes like

$(document).on('keyup','.error',function() {

Working Demo

Also you can simplify your code by using class like,

$('#form-send').submit(function () {
    var error = 0;
    var status=true;
    return status;

Updated Demo

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