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I have an object of arrays say

obj_of_arr = {a : [1,2], b:["foo","bar"]}

and I want to turn it into the equivalent array of objects

arr_of_obj = [{a:1,b:"foo"},{a:2,b:"bar"}]

What is the most elegant way to achieve this? I can "brute force" this but I want to know if there is an elegant way. If it involves jQuery it's fine.

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Why not just do it with two loops?

Note: If this is the "brute force" way you talked about, then I don't know how to help you. Even if there's some jQuery (or other framework) function that does this, it probably uses a similar construct internally, as those frameworks usually don't have any magical powers that let them be faster or more efficient.

Preview (JSBin)

function obj_to_arr(obj_of_arr) {
    var objects = [];

    for (var prop in obj_of_arr) {
        for (var i = 0; i < obj_of_arr[prop].length; i++) {
            if (typeof(objects[i]) != "object") {
                objects[i] = {};
            objects[i][prop] = obj_of_arr[prop][i];

    return objects;
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