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I'm currently working on a website. I can search my database using inputbox tags, but I'm also looking to be able to search the database using a drop-down box. Not sure why it won't work. Any help would be a appreciated???. Thanks. (Database is MS Access).

Dropdown box code:

  <option name="reason">Please Select...</option>
  <option name="reason">Sick</option>
  <option name="reason">Holiday</option>
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I put the solved solution up in case someone else has the same problem in the future. –  Conor Caslin Oct 15 '13 at 13:28

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My 'name' attribute needs to be in the select tag, not the options tag.

<select name="reason">
  <option>Please Select...</option>
  <option value="Sick">Sick</option>
  <option value="Holiday">Holiday</option>
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