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I am currently trying to grep a large list of ids (~5000) against an even larger csv file (3.000.000 lines).

I want all the csv lines, that contain an id from the id file.

My naive approach was:

cat the_ids.txt | while read line
  cat huge.csv | grep $line >> output_file

But this takes forever

Is there are more efficient approach?

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Use grep -f for this:

grep -f the_ids.txt huge.csv > output_file

From man grep:

-f FILE, --file=FILE

Obtain patterns from FILE, one per line. The empty file contains zero patterns, and therefore matches nothing. (-f is specified by POSIX.)

If you provide some sample input maybe we can even improve the grep condition a little more.


$ cat ids
$ cat huge.csv 
hello this is 11 but
nothing else here
and here 23

$ grep -f ids huge.csv 
hello this is 11 but
and here 23
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grep -f the_ids.txt huge.csv

Additionally, since your patterns seem to be fixed strings, supplying the -F option might speed up grep.

   -F, --fixed-strings
          Interpret PATTERN as a  list  of  fixed  strings,  separated  by
          newlines,  any  of  which is to be matched.  (-F is specified by
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+1 for the -F recommendation as well –  chepner Oct 15 '13 at 12:41

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