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Today, all of a sudden I found this in my *.csproj file

< UseVSHostingProcess> False </UseVSHostingProcess>

When i Compared it with latest it was added into

<PropertyGroup> </ Property Group>

I have alot search on Google and found http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/ms171262.aspx, which I do not quite understand.

Can someone please explain what UseVSHostingProcess is and why it is needed.

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I got this setting in my csproj file while using .NET Reflector Pro in Visual Studio to generate PDBs for 3rd party DLLs and debug them.

The Visual Studio hosting process improves debugger performance and enables new debugger features, such as partial-trust debugging and design-time expression evaluation. You can disable the hosting process if you need to.

Here is more information about this host process and debugging: Debugging and the Hosting Process

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