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I have a document with this kind of structure:

<page name="some-name">
        //some content
    <section header="value">
        //some content

When I deserialize this document to get an instance of Page class, I always get reflection error and InvalidOperationException. I figured out by debugging and a lot of try and error that the reason for this error is that i have the same name for a node (XMLElement) and a property (XMLAttribute), in this example the name is "header". XML structure is not changeable in any way, so that is not the solution. Is there a way to make it work, or do I have to add the property value later, outside of deserialization?

Classes are in this form:

public class Page
    public string Name { get; set }

    public Header Header { get; set }

    public Section Section { get; set }

public class Section
    public string Header { get; set }

public class Header
    //elements and attributes as properties
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You can try to generate classes from XML using Xsd.exe and see how it manages to solve this. Here is more info about classes generation from XML.

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