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I'm wondering if any of you use matplotlib for your python codes that are coupled with ABAQUS. I really want to load matplotlib onto the abaqus-python interface. I'm using ABAQUS 6.12, which has python 2.6. Also, I'm using Windows 64 bit.

However, when I download the matplotlib for python 2.6, it fails to install and says that

"Python 2.6 required, which is not found in the Registry."

Could anyone help me out? Does anyone know of a step-by-step way to install matplotlib such that it works for Abaqus 6.12?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Note: For those unfamiliar with FEA Software, the Abaqus Scripting Interface is an extension of the Python object-oriented programming language, and comes with ABAQUS/CAE.

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did you install python with administrative rights? Can you execute Python code on your machine? Maybe download python-xy, where everything you need is included already? – Faultier Oct 15 '13 at 13:28
@Jared don't forget you can accept the answer (and upvote it) if you want... – Saullo Castro Nov 18 '14 at 19:35

I use Matplotlib 1.3.0 with Abaqus 6.11. Everything 64 bit. I believe with Abaqus 6.12 will work as well. The procedure is (using the same configuration as mine, but I believe newer versions of NumPy and Matplotlib will work as well):

Configure your environment variable PYTHONPATH pointing to were matplotlib is installed before importing it from Abaqus.

You may get a RuntimeWarning like:

RuntimeWarning: The _imaging extension was built for another version of Python; most PIL functions will be disabled

But you can use most of matplotlib's features from Abaqus.

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