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What are the differences (if any) between Zigbee and Zigbee PRO ?
I cannot find anything specific on Wikipedia, and on the official Zigbee site it all sums up to some optimizations here and there.
Are there any differences in practical use?

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There aren't any differences in practical use, and I don't believe the non-PRO standard really went far after the two were defined in 2007.

This EE Times article describes the differences between the two.

According to the ZigBee Alliance, ZigBee networks will scale to hundreds of devices, and ZigBee PRO networks scale to thousands.

I personally consider the non-PRO ZigBee to be a legacy protocol, and would use ZigBee PRO for any serious projects.

[As an aside, Digi International's popular XBee radio modules use the "PRO" designation for higher-powered modules with a longer range, which is completely unrelated to ZigBee/ZigBee PRO, but could lead to confusion.]

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