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I am trying to create chrome extention, however my browser action click does not work! I've tried pretty much everything. Here is my setup:


"name": "blah",
"version": "1.0",
"description": "blah",
"browser_action": {
  "default_icon": "icon1.png",
  "popup": "popup.html"
"permissions": [
"background_page": "background.html"


<!-- Try adding the listener in popup.html  -->
    chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener( function(tab){
    console.log("Hello from popup"); // This does not show up either
    } );


console.log("Background.html"); // This gets displayed. O.K.

function hello() {

// Supposed to Called when the user clicks on the browser action icon.

But no matter how hard i click on the Icon nothing happens and "HELLO" is not printed out in the console! I am using Chrome I installed the Beta version BUT it is exactly the same as the released version (same verion number). Could that be a problem?

Any help appreciated.

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You cannot have a "popup" with an onclick event. Remove the popup.html from the manifest file. And keep the background page, and it will work.

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That is correct. Popup completely eliminates the onclick event! Took me two days to figure that out. – drozzy Dec 21 '09 at 17:34

You need delete the popup.html, you already have a popup in popup.html in theory the background.html should do the event for browserAction but is wrong. When you clicked in the Icon of you app there's already defined an function onClicked in popup.

i dont know for what you need, but you can make many functions when you clicked in the browser.

For example: in background.html do:

        if(browserAction && browserAction.onClicked) // you can add all stuff that you need.
        do something

and you call from popup.html with chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage().foo();

well i hope this help you.

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According to the doc:

chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(Tab tab) {...});


// Supposed to be called when the user clicks on the browser action icon.    
chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(tab) {

should work

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Since he never used or called tab, and never used context (this), this would make no difference... – K Prime Dec 21 '09 at 6:03

Are you sure that you're viewing the correct JavaScript console for the background page, and not for the other tab?

Try having your hello() method set a global variable in the background page, then have a button in popup.html retrieve that variable (using chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage()) and display it as an alert.

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Hi, i edited to show that I tried adding the listener to the popup.html and it doesn't work either... – drozzy Dec 21 '09 at 6:14

I had some problems too while trying to create a chrome extension. Make sure you reload the extension after any change to the manifest.json or the background page. To reload it, go to the extensions page (wrench>tools>extensions) and choose reload. That might just be the cause of the problem, everything else seems just fine.

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