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i try to move particle image to the point that the player will click on the screen. i use this formula from physics to calculate speed vector.

    float x = iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().x - iceBallParticle[i]>GetGoToX() ;
    float y = iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().y - iceBallParticle[i]->GetGoToY() ;
    float c = (x/y);
    float alpha = atan(c);

    //calculate the velocity x,y
    float yVel = (speedOfMoveSkill * cos(alpha)) ; 
    float xVel = (speedOfMoveSkill * sin(alpha)) ;

        //Move Left
        if(iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().x > iceBallParticle[i]->GetGoToX())
            //move the object
            iceBallParticle[i]->SetCurrentLocation(iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().x - xVel , iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().y);
. . . more moves direction down here.

GoTo is where the player clicked and the current location is where the particle shot from. i think the problame is becuz he print the image by int and when i send it to print he miss the number after the point x.xxxx


he go up and then straight, and i want him to go straight to the point


how i can to fix it?

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Note that sin usually is the y-axis and cos is the x-axis. – Albert Oct 15 '13 at 14:48
Your question is a bit unclear. What is the position where the user clicks on the screen? Or what do you mean by "will click"? You mean in the future? How should you know that? – Albert Oct 15 '13 at 14:49
i mena: when i point with my cursor and click, the ice ball won't go in a straight line . it moves in a little curvy line. – user2831449 Oct 15 '13 at 21:36
Your question still stays somewhat unclear. Where is that code executed? How often is it executed? Where do you set GoTo? Is that all code? Why do you have only the "Move left" case there, what about the other cases? Please add the full code. – Albert Oct 16 '13 at 9:01

I'm not exactly sure if I understand the question correctly.

One error is probably how you calculate alpha. You miss the sign of x/y by doing it that way. There is atan2 to overcome this problem. It's just:

float alpha = atan2(y, x);

But you don't need to calculate alpha at all. An easier solution would be:

float dist = sqrt(x*x + y*y);
if(dist == 0) return; // exit here to avoid div-by-zero errors.
                      // also, we are already at our point

float yVel = (speedOfMoveSkill * x / dist) ; 
float xVel = (speedOfMoveSkill * y / dist) ;

(Note that you have switched sin/cos for xVel/yVel. sin is always the y-axis, cos the x-axis.)

I think you have another error in the "move the object" code. You missed yVel there.

This might be the code you want:

//move the object
  iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().x - xVel,
  iceBallParticle[i]->GetCurrentLocation().y - yVel);

I don't really see why you have the "Move Left" check there. It should not be there.

(Btw., it is more common to calculate GoTo - GetCurLoc. Then you have the velocity with the right sign and you normally add the velocity, not subtract it.)

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