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I want to make an AJAX request when the user attempts to submit a form. However, I don't want to wait for the response (I just want to trigger a script) and still submit the form immediately (or redirect the user).

I tried to to it this way (via jQuery):

        // save object reference
        var form = this;

        // prevent form submit

        // trigger ajax request
            url: 'ajax.php',
            data: { ... },
            cache: false

        // submit form

        // return false just in case
        return false; 

But this won't work, because the AJAX request will in fact not be sent by the browser, if the form is submitted immediately afterwards (via form.submit() ).

I am a bit puzzled here... is there really no way to fire an AJAX request and redirect the browser immediately afterwards?

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What makes you say the ajax call is not made? –  Archer Oct 15 '13 at 14:39
What's your network tab say about the request? –  tymeJV Oct 15 '13 at 14:40
@Archer (and tymeJV): the network tab of FireFox dev-tools do not report any request ever sent, nor does the server ever receive any such request. –  Spooky Jan 21 at 8:31
What happens if you comment out form.submit() - does the ajax call work then? –  Archer Jan 21 at 9:48
@Archer yes, the ajax call will work then. –  Spooky Jan 23 at 13:27
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It seems you create an infinite loop here. You are preventing the submit event and submitting it again at the end, but when you bind your function to the form's submission it will be called over and over. Instead, try to use Ajax states like success and complete; on success you submit data and on complete you redirect the page.

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True, this does seem like an infinite loop, though there is never an infinite loop occurring. The form gets submitted by form.submit() within .submit(function(e) {...}); and the browser opens the defined action by the form. I didn't want to submit the form on success, because the success of the AJAX call is irrelevant to the form submission, but it could take a long time. I only wanted to trigger a script on the server via this AJAX call, immediately before the form is submitted. That's my goal ;). In the end I created a different solution, independent of form submission. –  Spooky Jan 21 at 8:32
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