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I have a windows service that i built in C#. Purpose of the Windows service is to Synchronize two folders(Folder-A & Folder-B) in different servers using File System Watcher. Everything worked fine up until I changed the folders... I moved Folder-A from the C drive to the D Drive same happened to Folder-B.

Now I can't Map the Folders on the Event-Log I get the "The local device name has a remembered connection to another network resource".

FYI: the folders are shared and credentials I use have full control rights to both folders.

Please help me with the Issue I'm not really good with network related issues.


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Hi I finally fixed my issue all I had to do on my C# code I had to force the mapping of my shared folder. Its weird because the first time I used the service for the first time I didn't for it to map. But after changing the Shared folder to a different drive that's when i had this issue.

Below is the C# code to force the mapping.

oNetDrive.Force = true;
oNetDrive.Persistent = true;

oNetDrive drive is the Shared folder. Force and Persistent are the properties.

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