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quick question that's been breaking my balls.

I have an jquery ui accordion (.accordion) that opens another accordion (.glossWrap) in a modal. I'm trying to get the active accordion header to scroll into view with scrollTop but is just glitches out or something.

$(".glossary").on("click", function () {
$(".glossWrap").accordion({heightStyle:"content", header:"h3", navigation : true, collapsible:true})
var $accordion = $(".glossWrap"),
panelId = parseInt(window.location.hash.replace(/#panel/, "")) || 0;
var $this = $(this), toOpen = $this.data("panel");
$accordion.accordion("option", "active", toOpen), ( "option", "collapsible", true );
} );

$('.glossary').click(function(){ setTimeout(  function(){
scrollTop: $(".ui-accordion-content-active").offset().top}, 2000);
}, 800) });

I use the setTimeOut to wait before the modal opens.

html: accordion 1 with links too .glossWrap accordion 2

    <div class="accordion">
  <h3 id="accordion">accordion 1</h3>
    <p><a href="#" data-panel="1" class="glossary">open accordion item in modal</a></p>

Accordion in pageslide:

<div id="pageslide">
<div class="glossWrap" >
  <div class="glossIndexWrap">
      <p>open this and scroll into view</p>

Thanks for your suggestions! :)

greetz, Will

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Have you tried .position() instead of .offset() ... .offset() usually means the relative position of the element to it's positioned parent. Just a shot in the dark, can look more in depth soon! :) –  simey.me Oct 15 '13 at 16:19
tried this immediately but position does not nothing, are you sure that is even possible? Thanks :) –  WIWIWWIISpitFire Oct 16 '13 at 17:31

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Got it working, I now know it has something to do with my nested divs within a modal. After trying a couple of different plugins I went with this one: http://demos.flesler.com/jquery/scrollTo/

This worked perfectly within my accordion!


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