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I have models Clearance and Item

every clearance has a specific item, but more than one clearance can have the same item. Structurally, this just means Clearance has an item_id column.

So in the models I have defined clearance as hasOne('Item'); and item as belongsToMany('Clearance')

but when I call item, it gives me the error clearance_item doesn't exist, so I think I must have defined the relationship wrong. I try with belongsTo (assuming that many will trigger wanting a join table), and I get things back, but not the items don't have the clearances in the return data

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Perhaps it should be:

class Clearance extends Eloquent
 public function item()
   return $this->belongsTo('Item');


class Item extends Eloquent
 public function clearances()
    return $this->hasMany('Clearance');

Have you tried this? You can also go through the docs again to see how relationships are defined

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yeah reversing it worked! never thought of trying that –  Damon Oct 15 '13 at 17:06

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