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I am currently making a simple app in CoronaSDK (Lua), but i have some problems:

  • I wanted a score counter, but since I made it my app keeps crashing.
  • I can't figure out how to make a "good" score counter. Some help would really be appreciated. :)


function points(num)
    tmr = timer.performWithDelay(1000, points, 0)
    num = 5
    score = 2
    score = score + num
    scoreTxt.text = "score: " .. score
    scoreTxt.x = screenLeft + 15

Didn't really know were to put the timer.cancel(tmr)

function explode()
    explosion.x = jet.x
    explosion.y = jet.y
    explosion.isVisible = true
    jet.isVisible = false   
    timer.performWithDelay(3000, gameOver, 1)

function onCollision(event)
    if event.phase == "began" then
        if jet.collided == false then
            num = nil;
            score = nil;
            jet.collided = true 
            jet.bodyType = "static"


Some more information don't know if you need it :P

score = 1.5;
num = 1;
scoreTxt = display.newText ("Score:", 0, 0, "Helvetica", 20)
scoreTxt.x = display.screenOriginX + 10
scoreTxt.y = display.screenOriginX + 5
screenLeft = display.screenOriginX

If someone could help me i would really appreciate it :) Thanks in advance

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I can not understand your problem.How output u expecting.and search over the net and learn some basic syntax to use timer in corona sdk. –  Malar Oct 16 '13 at 5:02

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tmr = timer.performWithDelay(1000, points, 0)

This line in points function makes unlimited function calls. Thats the cause of leak. If you want to call points function at every second, you should call that from somewhere else.

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