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I understand Multimap has key vs multiple values. But problem arises,when i need multimap with EXACT 3 values.When the 4th value comes for a key,we remove the first and so on..

i have the following requirement and am stuck with the same:

DOG (has property timestampID).

I understand Multimap has key vs multiple values. usdjpy:dog(timestampID=1)>>key1 vs value1

usdjpy,dog(timestampID=2)>>key1 vs value2

usdjpy,dog(timestampID=3)>>key1 vs value3

eurusd:dog(timestampID=4)>>key2 vs value1

eurusd,dog(timestampID=5)>>key2 vs value2

eurusd,dog(timestampID=6)>>key2 vs value3

now when i get usdjpy,dog(timestampID=7),i need to remove usdjpy:dog(timestampID=1), So that at one time we have only 3 latest values for a key.

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It sounds like you shouldn't be using a Multimap at all, but a Map<K, Queue<V>> or the like. –  Louis Wasserman Oct 15 '13 at 16:33
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