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Could somebody help me to get Active power save mode of Smartwatch 2 working?

I would like to change the SampleControlExtension from SDK 2.0 to use low power support, but it seems to be ignored. How do I completely turn of the backlight in Smartwatch 2 like in the Watchface to allow longer battery lives?

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Did u find any solution? –  geet Oct 6 '14 at 6:25

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The SmartWatch 2, and the current emulator version, does not currently support low power through the Smart Extension APIs, but it will be added in the near future. I will try to update in this thread when it is fully available!

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Low power mode is available in recent SW2 firmware.
Just add following override method to your RegistrationInformation class(your class must inherit base class from SmartExtensionUtils):

public boolean supportsLowPowerMode() {
    return true;

In low power mode extension doesn't stop when screen off by timeout. Extension will be displayed in monochrome mode.

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I too am trying to figure this out.

I've added the @override supportsLowpowerMode() {return true} but it doesn't do anything.

There is also a registration flag in the documentation that says Registration.ApiRegistration.LOW_POWER_SUPPORT

but I can only find... this so I tried it and no go


Also the display must be black and white according to an XML file in the layout but not sure what that means..

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