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I'm trying to create an app for my facebook page which has two frames. One would contain links to various events by various admins (events created by other users as well), the other one would be the target frame for whichever link people click on. Do you know of anything which would make this impossible? I've heard facebook doesn't really like being linked in frames.

Also, this is a plan B since I ran into some trouble with an older idea, which would only grab a few details about the events and display them like above. The problem was that an access token was needed to retrieve data about some of the events, even if all of them are public, which is a bit confusing to me since all of these events, thus the needed data can be accessed by everyone. If there's any workaround for this, I would appreciate it as well :)

Thanks in advance

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Correct, Facebook does not like its pages being displayed in frame on other domains (and will instruct the browser not to do so). And the solution to needing an access token is simply getting an access token – f.e. by sending your app user through the login flow. –  CBroe Oct 15 '13 at 20:53
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