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I am trying to send the values visualized in a new window (through the function "salva()") to my email address, but I do not have any knowledge of php, thus I would like to do it using only can I do?

    <title>Esercizio vettori</title>


        <input id="punti1" type="button" value="1" />
        <input id="punti2" type="button" value="2" />

        <input id="testo" type="text" placeholder="Commento utente" />
        <input id="mostra" type="button" value="Salva e mostra" onclick="inserisci();salva()" />


      <div id="visualizza">Qui visualizzerà i risultati</div>


    var punteggio = [];
    var orario = [];
    var testo = [];
    var inputPunti = [];

    document.getElementById("punti1").onclick = function() {

    inputPunti = document.getElementById("punti1"); 
    inserisci ();


    document.getElementById("punti2").onclick = function() {

    inputPunti = document.getElementById("punti2");
    inserisci ();


var inputTesto = document.getElementById("testo");
var risultato  = document.getElementById("visualizza");

function inserisci () {

 punteggio.push( inputPunti.value );
 orario.push( Date() );
 testo.push( inputTesto.value );


function pulisci () {
  // Pulisce i campi
  //* inputPunti.value = "";
  orario.value = Date();
  inputTesto.value = "";


function salva()


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Without a backend to properly sanitize user input, the easiest and safest way to achieve this is to follow instructions here. To achieve what I think you want, you should explore putting an email library like SwiftMailer or PHPMailer on your server (assuming you are using PHP). You can easily find a lot of resources on how to use them online.

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