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I have script that populates tables with data. I need to record in another table STATS, when it started loading and when it completed the load.

So in the first script I stored timestamp into variable:

    dtMODEL=$(date +"%d-%b-%y %H.%M.%S.%N %p")
    ./ source1
    ./ source2
    ./ MODEL $dtMODEL

   #! /bin/bash
   . /etc/profile.d/

   echo $MODEL
   echo $START_DATE
   sqlplus -s username/password<< !
   /* this is where I wanna use START_DATE variable and populate table*/

when I do:

echo $dtMODEL

15-Oct-13 PM

but when I pass it to, it echoes



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I need to pass the entire timestamp: 15-Oct-13 PM – Angelina Oct 15 '13 at 17:55
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The way shell evaluation works, it will first substitute the contents of a variable, and then parse the command line into space-separated arguments. To override this, you have to quote the spaces in the variable contents.

Most convenient is to add " quotes around $dtMODEL, i.e.

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