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I'm currently coding an Android application with Xamarin and I'm using the AudioRecord class to record my audio.

audioRecord = new AudioRecord (
            // Hardware source of recording.
            // Frequency
            // Mono or stereo
            // Audio encoding
            // Length of the audio clip.

But when it comes to choosing an Audio encoding, Android.Media.Encoding only has 4 options


MediaRecorder seems to have some more options but no GSM option.

So here are my questions:

1) Does anyone know of another recording option for android besides AudioRecord and MediaRecorder since neither seem to allow GSM by default? Maybe something in the Android.Net.Rtp API since it already has a GSM codec?

2) Or does anyone know a way to encode/decode audio to/from GSM using any of the current audio formats android lets you record to/play from?

Alternative: I could also be open to changing GSM to another format of similar size and quality to which I'm getting clear voice transmission at a rate of about 2 KB/s. However, that will require me to change my WinForms Desktop application which utilizes NAudio. So suggestions here are welcome if there is a good solution, however it would be better to find a solution to one of my other two questions.

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No, AudioRecord gives you uncompressed PCM. And I don't think MediaRecorder allows for GSM compression either. You'll probably have to find an external GSM codec implementation and bundle it with your app. –  Michael Oct 16 '13 at 9:08

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