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I am using link_to_remote for answering the quiz one by one. in that i want the checked radio button. but when i clicked the button and clicked next it doesnt change,the spinner loads only

<div class = "y">
<% form_for @answer do |f|%>
<div class = "label_field_pair">
<label for "questions">
  <%= @ans.ques %>
</div> <br>
<div class = "label_field_pair2">
<label for "options">
  <div id = "option-1">
    <%= radio_button_tag :answer, :ans1%><%= @ans.ans1 %>
  <div id = "option-2">
    <%= radio_button_tag :answer, :ans2%><%= @ans.ans2 %>
  <div id = "option-3">
    <%= radio_button_tag :answer, :ans3%><%= @ans.ans3 %>
  <div id = "option-4">
    <%= radio_button_tag :answer, :ans4%><%= @ans.ans4  %>
  <%= link_to_remote "Next", 
    :before => "Element.show('loader')",
    :success => "Element.hide('loader')",
    :url=>{:controller=>"answers", :action=>"next"},
    :with => "'answer='+$F(answer)+'&passed_question=#{@ans.id}&'+'&exam_group_id=#{@exam_group.id}&'"
<% end %> 

in that i want to get the value of checked radio button in :with statement... thanks in advance please help me out

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What version of rails? –  trh Oct 15 '13 at 18:53
rails version is 2.3.5 –  Raja Sekar Oct 15 '13 at 18:59
Using 2.3.5 is extremely hazardous if you have a public site. You should update immediately to 2.3.18. There are a number of remote vulnerabilities that are very serious. –  tadman Oct 15 '13 at 19:01
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You should do

<%= link_to "Next", your_path, :remote => true, ... %>
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