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I have a small problem regarding "sftp".

I have a script, which simply transfers a file to a remote sftp server. But when this script runs it fails at sftp and my script fails. So, i have to manually transfer the file,using command which is same as the command that i have used in the script, and it works fine.

So my problem is that the sftp command runs smoothly when i run it manually, but creates problem when the same command is run through the script.

this is the code that I'm using

sftp -v -b sftp_input.txt 
if (($? > 0 ));
   echo "sftp  error. Exiting.."

where sftp_input.txt contains the cmd to put the file to remote server.

Please advice.....

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The script can't work because it's malformed. You forgot to separate the if statement and also forgot the closing fi. Here's the correct form for your script:

sftp -v -b sftp_input.txt
if (($? > 0 )); then
    echo "sftp error. Exiting.."

If you want it all in one line, then:

sftp -v -b sftp_input.txt; if (($? > 0 )); then echo "sftp error. Exiting.."; exit; fi

But as you can see it's a bad idea. Better to write readable and well indented code.

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