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Is there a way to remove a member from my Google Play beta test group in the developer console? I have removed them from my Google+ Community and when the user checks their G+ communites mine is not listed. However, when they go to the store and search for my app, they still see and download the beta version.

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The user will need to leave the test. They do this by going to the link that you originally provided (i.e the link that they used to enter the test) and clicking "Leave the Test."

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This is correct, however, I had to invite the user back to the test/community for them to be able to click on "Leave the test." Thank you –  Lee Oct 15 '13 at 19:43
This makes absolutely no sense at all - I can confirm that you need to invite the users again, but it doesn't make sense, because if I want to remove beta testers from my beta tester group, they shouldn't have to opt out on their own... think I'm gonna contact Google about this - this doesn't make sense. I now have about 40 beta testers "caught in limbo", because they were removed from the G+ community and now still get all the beta versions which is pointing towards a test server... –  Darwind Nov 6 '13 at 14:41

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