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I have a tif file and I need to find the coordinates of the maximum intensity pixel. How would you solve this?


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What is an image? grayscale? rgb? any other color space? – Daniel Oct 15 '13 at 20:31
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You can get the max value and it's index in the image with just max:

[maxVal,maxInd] = max(img(:));

If you are working with a RGB image, convert it to HSV and use the value component:

imgHSV = rgb2hsv(imgRGB);
img = imgHSV(:,:,3);

Also note that if there are multiple locations with the maximum value, max returns the index of the first occurrence. To get all indexes with the maximum value,

allMaxValsMask = img==maxVal;
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The simplest way is:

% Find max value
maxValue = max(max(image));
% Find the pixel idx corresponding to that value
idx = find(image == maxValue);

If you have more than one value at maxValue, idx will be a vector containing all indexes at maxValue.

Also, the indexes in idx will be linear (not x,y coordinates). Depending on what you what, you might need to convert it back.

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