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I have a table similar to this

  CREATE TABLE timeseries (
    event_type text,
    insertion_time timestamp,
    event blob,
    PRIMARY KEY (event_type, insertion_time)

and I am trying to do

delete * from timseries where event_type='xxx' and insertion_time <'12345';

Bad Request: Invalid operator LT for PRIMARY KEY part insertion_time.

Does cassandra support these kind of deletes ? Any help is appreciated.

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No, range deletes are not supported.

For what is support, look at the CQL3 documentation:

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Thank you. I was hoping that I missed something in documentation. – KIRAN SUGANA Oct 16 '13 at 16:39

Note that range deletes (on the cluster key) are in the next major version (3.0-beta2). Patch got committed to trunk just recently:

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do a select first, then delete each result.

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