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I need to send a file to another server using oauth and webpy. For now I'll ignore the oauth part as sending the file itself is already a challenge.

Here's my partial code:

class create_video:
  def POST(self):
    x = web.input(video_original={})

At this point I want to send the file over the network using urllib2. Note that I also have other parameters to send.


considering that I want to send these parameters:

params = {
  'title': x['title'],
  'video_original': x['video_original'].file

How do I use urllib2 (or anything else) to send them to a given url?

P.S. I've tried to use the poster module but I don't know how to send generic parameters along with the file.

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Please include links where possible. By "poster module", presumably you mean this one: atlee.ca/software/poster – Peter Hansen Dec 21 '09 at 16:26
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You're coming from here, I guess.

The POST method defines how to receive data via POST requests, rather than send any data. In your code, the data from an incoming POST request is saved in x. How do you want to proceed now? If you want to send the data to another url, use urllib(2) as described here.

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