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I have a set of HTML files that I'd like to bundle into and access from Javascript.

For my Rails project I use the haml_coffee_assets gem. This gem generates a Javascript JST object that includes my templates. I can refer to a template, in Javascript, using


This approach is very convenient because I can have a standalone Javascript file that includes everything.

Are there such tools for Python projects? A stand-alone tool? Something for Flask? Something for Django? I can write a stand-alone tool easily, but it'd be nice if something has already done this. Quick google search didn't return anything.


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I believe what you are looking is called webassets. There is also a wrapper for Flask called Flask-Assets.

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I think this works. I am using angularjs, and I think using the generic jst template from webassets will work. Thanks! –  Overclocked Oct 16 '13 at 1:36
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