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For every gedit i have i get this error on the console line whenever i run my entire R of widget code

   <simpleError in envRefInferField(x, what, getClass(class(x)), selfEnv): ‘no_items’ is not a valid field or method name for reference class “Entry”>

Here is some example of my gedits

textBox_keyword1 <- gedit(text="",container=grp_keywordSearch)
textBox_keyword2 <- gedit(text="",container=grp_keywordSearch)
textBox_keyword3 <- gedit(text="",container=grp_keywordSearch)
textBox_keyword4 <- gedit(text="",container=grp_keywordSearch)

textBox_numTweet <- gedit(text="",container=grp_numTweet)

Any idea how to solve this ?

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This looks like a comment made recently where the script is running under RStudio. Is that the case? –  jverzani Oct 16 '13 at 21:07
yes i ran this on Rstudio, im also using Gwidgets and gwidgetstcltk –  Napmi Oct 17 '13 at 6:41
Unfortunately I don't have any solution to this. The use of tk with RStudio can lead to issues, atleast that was the case awhile ago and I don't know that it has changed. The package on github gWidgetsWWW2 might be of help here. It mostly works the same but uses the browser for display. You need to install that with devtools though, as it isn't on CRAN (yet). –  jverzani Oct 17 '13 at 12:03

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