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I'm using django-reversion and defined the use in the admin.py:

class MainInlineAdmin(admin.TabularInline):
    model = MainInline

class MainAdmin(reversion.VersionAdmin):
    inlines = [

The models:

class Main(models.Model):

class MainInline(models.Model):
    main=models.ForeignKey(Main, related_name="inlines")

So this works fine. But I don't find a way to load an old Version of Main and get access to inlines. The information is there, in the admin-interface in "History" I can load old Versions of Main with its inlines.

I know how to load old Versions of Main. The manual is here: https://github.com/etianen/django-reversion/blob/master/docs/api.rst#reverting-to-previous-revisions

main = Main.objects.get(id=1)
version_list = reversion.getunique_for_object(main)  # List of Versions
version = version_list[1]  # latest version first, we want the second

version.object will return an instance of Main with the old values. This is exactly what I want. But I want also access to version.object.inlines.all(), but it returns only the latest rows of MainInline, which are actually saved in the database -- not the rows from the old version of main. But I need the complete old Version, also the data in Main.inlines.

I hope I could explain my problem.

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