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I am deploying a rails app in a multi-server environment. The app uses the asset pipeline, and assets are being served from s3. If I run assets:precompile on each server I deploy to, everything works fine (the needed assets/manifest.yml gets generated on each box).

The issue is that this feels very inefficient. I tried designating one of the servers as primary, and only running assets:precompile on that box. The issue now is that the other servers do not have a copy of assets/manifest.yml.

I think the solution will involve figuring out the simplest way to share the generated assets/manifest.yml file on all boxes.

How do others handle this situation?

Thanks for your help.

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checkout the asset_sync gem. –  rb512 Oct 15 '13 at 22:35
Yes, I am using that gem. Could you expand on your answer a bit? Thanks! –  sethmcl Oct 15 '13 at 22:43
asset_sync already does the bulk of optimizing by compiling only the newly added assets. Since, the assets are then served via a CDN, I don't see the reason why do you have to compile the assets again on each box. –  rb512 Oct 15 '13 at 22:48

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A better suggestion might be to upgrade to Capistrano 3 (released last week), it's generally faster, and the rails plugins are better modularised. The rails/assets extension found in the capistrano-rails gem is simple (it doesn't do quite what you need, but it's simpler). And you can use the gem for migration support, and copy/modify the asset pipeline tasks into your project and modify them to do whatever you need.

Also in Capistrano three you can get a list of servers by roles(:web), for example, which will return a list of server objects, so you can write a task, limited to one server which has access to the list of other servers, and performs an rsync over the LAN (or the WAN) to sync your assets to the rest of your machines.

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Thanks for the insight! –  sethmcl Oct 22 '13 at 22:30

Ended up solving this by writing this cap task:

task :assets_precompile, { on_no_matching_servers: :continue, only: { primary: true } } do
  transaction do
    on_rollback do

    run "cd #{current_release} && RAILS_ENV=#{stage} rake assets:precompile"

    # sync manifest.yml
    download("#{current_release}/public/assets/manifest.yml", "/tmp/manifest.yml")

    find_servers().each do |current_server|
      run_locally "ssh app@#{current_server.host} 'mkdir -p #{current_release}/public/assets'"
      run_locally "scp /tmp/manifest.yml app@#{current_server.host}:#{current_release}/public/assets/manifest.yml"

Seems a bit hacky, but gets the job done. We didn't want to do pre-compilation locally.

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